Slow Burn

Sanders, Richard

Sehr langsamer Austausch von Geldscheinen. Sprache: Englisch.

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Slow Burn

Aus der englischen Beschreibung: A super slow-motion change of four bills! Imagine showing four bills cleanly, one at a time, on both sides and then passing your empty hand over the bills and the bills very slowly and very visually change! Every bill is shown on both sides befor and after the change. No palming or extra bills to hold out. Every bill has changed. No quick or funny moves. Everything is done slowly and right in front of the spectators. Hand a few bills out for examination if you want! Tons of possibilites with SLOW BURN: - Change $1 bills to $100 bills. - Magazines clippings to money. - Coupons to Cash. - Foreign money to local currency. The list of effects possible is limited only by your imagination! Prepare this special gimmick, one time, at home in 30 minutes and you will be ready to perform this effect at the drop of a hat anywhere, anytime! - totally SELF-WORKING...NO SKILL NECESSARY! - Self-contained gimmick does it all for you! - Instanly resets! - Perform surrounded! - Perfect for Table Hopping and Walk Around Magic! - No Palming, no thumb-tips or other accesories used! - If you can move your hand, you can perform SLOW BURN ... it's that easy! - SUPER VISUAL MAGIC!

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