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Packet Killer aka The Blue Deck

Aus der englischen Beschreibung: Anstonishing Tricks with Gaffed Cards! 2 DVD Set! Performed, Explained and Given Proper Credit to ... Some of the most popular gaffed card tricks ever are featured on this DVD. Simon Lovell walks you through the performance and explains each trick while giving proper credit to their origination. Lovell performs over forty tricks that you too will learn to master using the Packet Killer, aka The Blue Deck. FOUR ODD BACKED CARDS: - Oliver McKensie Drink Trick Variation - Simon's Namer Effect - One Handed Bottom Deal Force - Jumping Jacks WILD CARD (with complete routine) MILLION DOLLAR MONTE, MCDONALD'S ACES, PARADE OF THE KINGS, SWITCHED CARDS, PRINCESS CARD TRICK, DOUBLE BACKED CARDS, SAME BOTH SIDES DOUBLE FACER, DOUBLE FACE CARDS, MULTIPLE CARDS PRINTED ON A SINGLE CARD, CARD WITH PARTIAL RED BACK ON BLUE BACK, HALF 7G'S + 5H'S ON FACE CARD, BLANK FACED CARDS

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