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Napkin Rose

Sprache: Englisch: Learn How To Twist A Napkin Into A Rose! Over Ten Ideas And Routines Explained! Aus der englischen Beschreibung: Magician Michael Mode will teach you how to easily twist a napkin into a realistic origami rose. In addition to the basic napkin rose twist, you will also learn several cool tips and tricks developed by Michael over the years and taught on this DVD for the very first time! On this DVD: 1. Instruction, 2. The Napkin Rose, 3. Making the Rose Glow, 4. One-Ply Napkin Rose, 5. A Rose By Any Other Name - Learn how to print your name or logo right on the rose!, 6. Smells Like A Rose - How to make a scented napkin rose, 7. Tea Rose, 8. Extras. Bonus Magic Tricks: 9. Rose and a Kiss, 10. Torn and Rose - Tored

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