The ultimate double restauration Illusion

DVD, englisch, Abracadabra Show Productions, 2010, Spielzeit ca. 44 Minuten.

Ein Seidentuch wird in ein Zeitungsblatt eingeschlagen und zerschnitten. Tuch und Zeitung werden restauriert. Während der Durchführung sind beide Enden des Tuches stets sichtbar.

Killer Cut (DVD)
Killer Cut (DVD)


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Killer Cut (DVD)

 Aus dem Klappentext:

Here's what your spectators see...

You openly show a silk handkerchief and a sheet of newspaper.

The silk is fairly placed into the folded newspaper.

The newspaper and handkerchief are cut in half.

The halves of both the handkerchief and newspaper are shown to be unmistakably separate.

Both the handkerchief and the newspaper are again cleanly and openly shown.

No switches. No steals. NO worries. Nothing added or taken away. 

Completely self-contained. Practically self working and exceptionally clean and easy in handling. You show the same handkerchief and newspaper openly and deliberately both before and after the effect. 

It is a perfect re-creation of a classic stage illusion - Sawing a Lady in Half - that you can perform almost anywhere with things you can literally carry in your pocket.

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