Der berühmte David Copperfield stellt sich und seine Magie vor. Dabei sind auch viele große Illusionen, wie das Verschwinden der Freiheitsstatue. - englische DVD



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Aus der englischen Beschreibung:
David Copperfield, the performer 'The New York Times' calls "OUR ERA'S GIANT OF MAGIC" brings you two decades of his spellbinding career. The Master of Illusion takes you on a guided tour of his magic and his mind. Witness the epic illusions that redefined his art: THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE STATUE OF LIBERTY, WALKINGV THROUGH THE GRAT WALL OF CHINA, THE IMPODING BUILDING, THE VANISHING AIRPLANE, THE ORIENT EXPRESS MYSTERY, THE BARCLAY HOUSE, SNOW, and much more. Included are illusions featured in his record-breaking Broadway Show, 'Dreams and Nightmares', and FLYING, the signature effect that took him seven years to develop.

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