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Enigmatic Volume Two

englische DVD, Running Time 75 minutes, Magikraft Studios, 2006. We filmed eccentric Bavarian Magician Alexander de Cova perform, when he made his only lecture here in America. Later we got him aside and he revealed in detail the methods, history, and thinking behind the dozen knockout effects on the two ENIGMATIC volumes. Alex�s unconventional ideas for parlour and platform, are audience tested and perfected over many years. His way of avoiding complicated methods by means of ingenious simplicity will keep surprising you. Watch real avant-garde magic from the non-conformist mind of Europe�s best, Alexander de Cova. MISERS DREAM No sleight of hand method can match this extraordinary illusion that Alexander has created for this classic effect. BOXED TRANSPOSITION A signed card flies to card case while both are in full view. Then comes a real puzzle climax. FORTE X Whatever card your spectators are thinking of, you have it already predicted! A real stunner! POROUS PLASTIC Three silver dollars penetrate a clear plastic ziploc three times. Can also be done with cookies for the kiddies. GROUNDHOG DAY Experimental magic based on déjà vu. Experimental magic based on déjà vu. BEAN COUNTER Can the audience guess how many beans are in a jar? Yep! Right down to the last bean. What a lucky crowd.

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