Cardiologist Deck

Medina, Tomas

DVD (englisch), FUN Incorporated 2003

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Cardiologist Deck

DVD (englisch), FUN Incorporated 2003

Englische Beschreibung:
This is no medical miracle. It's simply a diabolical deck of cards that lets you operate like a master (magician).

The Cardiologist Deck can be shuffled - by both the magician and the spectator - at any time. Even so, the magician can instantly, without complicated sleight of hand, find the mate of any card freely selected by the spectator. No matter how often the cards are shuffled - or by whom - the magician can instantly pair up the entire pack with surgical precision!

Tomas Medina, creator of the Cardiologist Deck gives you all the details on how the deck works, from detailed anatomy to its inner-workings.

There is no fumbling, no special memory work, no riffle-shuffle technique or complicated sleight of hand to learn. In fact, using the Cardiologist Deck is so dead easy, a first-year medical student can do it.

For students in residency (advanced card handlers), Medina teaches several stunning card revelations. Use these to produce the mate of a spectator's selection from the Cardiologist Deck, or as a killer finish to card effects you already perform. Warning: practice time in the lab may be required!

Symptoms that you've been using the Cardiologist Deck:

* No rough and smooth
* No wax, tape or glue
* No skill required
* Deck can be used for other effects
* Spectator shuffles the cards
* Special Bicycle deck included

Give your card magic the transplant it needs: The Cardiologist Deck!

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