Bicycle Thief

Fisher, Aaron

Kartenwanderung, incl. zwei Bicycle-Trickkarten, engl. DVD

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Bicycle Thief

Aus der englischen Werbung: "There's a hell of a lot of magic crammed into this small packet. It's like the little circus car that produces so many clowns-but without the car or the clowns." -Max Maven There's something crooked going on here! The Bicycle Thief DVD contains Aaron Fisher's sublime take on the Cards to Pocket effect. Cards vanish and reappear so fast they'll think you're a world-class card cheat. One at a time, cards leave your fingertips in a blink-and then reappear in your pocket! One even makes a side trip to your card case! Evidently, you're some type of thief-a bicycle thief. Best of all, everything is accomplished using just one, completely covered move! Mr. Fisher has carefully constructed this routine with a handling so easy, you'll look like a pro in minutes even if you're new to card handling. The studio-produced DVD (with performance and over-the-shoulder explanations) includes two custom-printed Bicycle Poker gaffs."

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