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Daryl's Ambitious Card Video

Featuring Daryl's entire gold medal F.I.S.M. routine! Aus der englischen Beschreibung: The Ambitious Card is one of those rare thing in magic - a "perfect" effect. It is quick and easy to understand, yet has variations limited only by your imagination. The performance transcends all language barriers and can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. Freestyle routining makes this effect a little like playing jazz - once you have mastered the basic theme, you can weave in and out of it to create a unique and personalized rendition for each performance. Here you have the chance to witness the live performance of Daryl's entire gold medal winning F.I.S.M. routine. Daryl also demonstrates and explains dozens of additional tips and subtleties he has created and refined over many years to allow you to be the best you can be. And, for the first time ever, Daryl reveals the real work on the most amazing finale to this routine - Daryl's Ultimate Ambition Improved! Daryl's gold medal F.I.S.M. routine: Riffle Shuffle Control, Triple Lift, Snap Double Lift, The Double Lift Build Up, Brrrttt!, The Top Change, For the Unambitiious, The Double Whammo, Deck Switch, The Bluff Pass, Topper, Tilted and Turned, Up the Falls, Thin Ambitious, Ultimate Ambition Improved. Additional Techniques: Control Knockout, The Centre Double Lift, The Hofzinser Spread Pass, The Boldly Go, The Push-In Change, The Ambitious Miracle Change, The Tip-Over Change, The Tiltless Tilt, Bluff Insertion from the Front, The Daily Leaper, The Impromtu Duplicate, Four-Fifth of the Truth, Ambitious Movie, A One-Handed Sequence, Mexican Turnover Top Change Second Deal, Diminishing Lift Sequence, Flustration Count, The Trick that Fooled Houdini, The Gaffless Houdini-Fooler, Nothing Changes ...

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