Bootlegs & B-Side Vol.3

DVD, englisch, o. Jahr, Spielzeit: ca. 18 Minuten.

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Bootlegs & B-Side Vol.3

Aus dem Klappentext: 

With his unique and laid back style, Sean teaches you each effect step by step. Don't expect to have your hand held though; it is assumed that you have a basic knowledge of card magic. Newbs, don't waste your time.

Effects include:

2 cards VISIBLY change place, and then transform in the spectators hands! This is cool.

Sublime Switch
Sean's 4 for 4 has nailed some real names, and for the first time ever explained on film!

An interesting approach to the classic Stop Trick. In Stop, the spectator seems to be in complete control the entire time!

Wipe Me Down
Another killer ambitious card finale!

A monstrous 'warp' effect, with a climax that your audiences WILL talk about!

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