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Banachek's PSI Series Volume 2

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Mentalism for the Casual Performer - Part 2 (DVD, englisch, L&L Publishing 2004)

Volume 2 - Mentalism for the Casual Performer - Part 2

Make the value of a spectator’s playing card slowly appear on your arm in blood red . . . anywhere, anytime! Reveal a thought-of number from across the distance separated by phone lines. Engage two people in a fun routine where the performer predicts a page number and a word “seen” by a volunteer on an invisible Palmtop computer. Become a human lie detector in a thrilling and comical adventure. This DVD continues from Part 1 with close-up, stand-up and stage mentalism and mental magic with additional routines including anywhere, anytime effects plus staggering psychological ploys. Learn a multi-phase routine weaving audience direction and sleight-of-hand into one smooth effect. Also, learn the “inside” secrets of what Banachek considers one of the most powerful tools in the mentalist’s arsenal … Pocket Writing. This DVD includes Banachek’s discussion of his “Buried Alive” escape, his Bullet Catch illusion now used by Penn & Teller, the difference between mentalism and mental magic plus comical anecdotes about blindfold drives. You will also see a television clip of Banachek’s “Buried Alive” escape hosted by William Shatner and TV footage of one of Banachek’s early Blindfold Drives.

• Ring of Truth 
• Phone Psychs 
• Word of the Ring
• Number Reversal 
• Stigmata 
• Invisible Palmtop
• Picture Duplication (Stage)
• Bonus Explanation of Q & A Routine

• Buried Alive 
• Bullet Catch

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