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Banachek's PSI Series Volume 1

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Mentalism for the Casual Performer - Part 1 (DVD, englisch, L&L Publishing 2004)

Volume 1 - Mentalism for the Casual Performer - Part 1

Make a pen stand up and write the exact word a spectator is thinking . . . all by itself! Predict a corporate image chosen by a CEO! Reveal the serial number of a borrowed dollar bill. All these and more are included in this DVD. These effects run the gamut from psychokinesis, telepathy, predictions and psychological influence.

These effects are designed to be performed from the intimacy and casualness of your friend’s living room to the trade show floor or the professional stage. Here Banachek presents mentalism like a home-cooked meal . . . something for everyone and sure to be enjoyed by all. From mentalism to mental magic, Banachek shows how to make mentalism fun and friendly.

Meet Banachek in a personal interview and learn how he started in mentalism and how his career developed as he traveled from England to South Africa ultimately immigrating to the United States.


• This ’n That
• Lorayne’s Buck 
• Add A Number
• ESP Card Opener 
• PK Writing
• Loco Logo
• Picture Duplication (Close-Up) 
• Number Duplication

• Career Path
• Personal History

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