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  5. Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

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22,5 x 28,6 cm, 472 S., Courage Books, Philadelphia, 1988, gebunden

22,5 x 28,6 cm, 472 S., Courage Books, Philadelphia, 1988, gebunden

Master illusionist Mark Wilson has compiled the most comprehensive magic "teach-in" euer assembled. The secrets to more than 300 classic tricks-from sleight of hand to Levitation-are carefully explained in this 472-page volume. It's all here in these pages: Card Magic, Coin Magic, Rope Magic, Mental Magic, Make-at-Home Magic, Sponge Ball Magic, Billiard Ball Magic, Cups and Balls Magic, and Magical Illusions. Mark Wilson devoted more than two years of research, writing, and technical preparation to this book. More than 50, 000 still photographs were taken of the detailed execution of the tricks considered worthy to include in this course, and these photographs were edited and converted into hundreds of simplified line drawings. The straightforward text follows Mark Wilson's "step method" of magic instruction, the saure method he has used to teach magic to Tony Curtis, Telly Savalas, Bill Bixby, Dick Van Dyke, Peter Falk, Bernadette Peters, John Denver and other professional entertainers. Its thoroughness makes Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic especially recommended for the beginner with absolutely no experience in magic. At the saure time, its scope and depth has earned this book a place in the libraries of many of today's most accomplished magicians, professional and amateur alike.

Whether your goal is to entertain and mystify your friends and family, to perform before Clubs and civic associations, or to work toward a career as a professional magician, Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic will serve you well-as a basic text to which you will refer again and again, and as a storehouse of magical knowledge.

Magic enjoys phenomenal popularity today largely because of Mark Wilson. The creator and performer of spectacular illusions, Mark Wilson also hosted the firnt nationwide weekly television magic show, "The Magic Land of Allakazam," with his wife, Nani Darnell. He has been featured in several television specials and was the First Western entertainer invited to perform in The People's Republic of China, where he became known as the "Magical Marco Polo." He has earned awards and honorary citations from magic societies throughout the world, including two Magician of the Year awards from the prestigious Academy of Magical Arts, and has inspired many of today's upcoming magicians.