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Hoffmann`s Modern Magic

ca. 14 x 20 cm, 563 S., Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1978, broschiert The book takes the student of magic through the entire repertoire of stage magic, from simple card tricks, coin tricks, tricks with watches, tricks with rings, tricks with handkerchiefs, tricks with dominoes and dice, tricks using cups and balls and hat tricks to elaborate illusions involving the construction of complicated machinery such as automata, floating tables and various traps. Among the several hundred tricks explained in Modern MAgic are The Rising Cards, The Magic Sword, The Vanishing Watch, The Mesmerized Watch and many more! This book is a wonderful source of fascinating material for all students of magic and magic enthusiasts. The historien of magic Henry Ridgely Evans said of it: "I never tire of reading Modern Magic, though I know all the tricks by heart."

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