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Gold Mine of Magic (o.U.)

ca. 22,5 x 28,5 cm, 232 S., Magic Limited, Oakland, Calif. USA, 1977, gebunden It is considerable pride that I present this book of fresh, innovative magic. Encouraged by the enthusiastic reception accorded the Treasure Trove of Tricks I am offering herewith a volume which is a veritable omnibus of new and original marvels. Here the reader will find a most comprehensive variety of original magic, a volume teeming with unique effects, tricks that are novel, unusual, different. Many of my personal favorites will be found in these pages, having been withheld until now so that they might be exclusively my own. The present volume bubbles over with original novelties and unusual effects, secrets of the conjuring craft not found in any previous book on magic, secrets of inestimable value to the amateur and professional magician alike. But enough of such commentary. I will let the tricks speak for themselves. It is hoped that the contents of this book will meet the same approval as has been accorded to my previous efforts in this respect

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