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ParaScience Pack

An interactive exploration of your psi powers

Pop-Up-Buch mit Zubehör, ca. 28,7 x 28,9 cm, 122 Seiten, Van der Meer Publishing, 2000, gebunden

Investigate the science behind paranormal phenomena with step-by-step examinations of:
- psychic abilities
- cultural beliefs
- prognoses
- the mind's unconscious
- extraterrestrials

Revealing the unique experience and knowledge of internationally famous paranormalist Uri Geller, 'The ParaScience Pack' lets you discover new abilities, unleashing the wonders of the paranormal within the credible limits of science.

The ParaScience Pak includes:
- solid brass dowsing rods to dowse for underground water, metal and maybe even treasure!
- genuine rock crystal, millions of years old, believed to possess healing properties. Practical Instructions help you to use the crystal as a key to unlock the unconscious mind.
- spinning paper umbrella - use your brain to make the paper spin on a needle-point - you won't believe your own powers!
- picture cards to test and improve your extrasensory perception.
- 7 extraordinary and inspiring paper sculptures.

The 'Parascience Pack' defies anyone to doubt the presence of paranormal activity on Earth!

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