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Täuschungskunst für Kenner, Nr.1 - Nr. 15

Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden!Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden! **

Die komplette Surpreme-Manuskript-Serie in Original!, 15 Exemplare (Nr.1–15), ca. 14 x 22 cm, insges. ca. 60 S.

Surpreme-Manuskript-Serie, 15 Exemplare (Nr.1-15), deutsch, ca. 14 x 22 cm, insges. ca. 60 S., geheftet Nr.1: Dial M for Magic (Jack Yates) Nr.2: Slow Motion Pass/ Torn Card Trickk Surpreme/ Hummer Card Mystery Nr.3: Lesta's series of mistakes/ You are mistaken/ Steward Jame's Lac-Lite Nr.4: Abbott's Comedy Rope Trick/ Joe Ovette's Repeat Knots Nr.5: Serpent rope and wand/ The Spirit Glass - Clevah Nr.6 :Rajah Turban Mystery/ Pery Abbott's Card, Nuts and Bill Nr.7: Cut Telephone Wire/ Glass, Handkerchief and Ring/ U.F.Grant's Mental Card Discovery Nr.8: Steward James' Scoop'em/ The Jogestja Living and Dead Test (Steward James) Nr.9: Abbott's Rope through Body/ Abbott's Silk and Plate/ Dramatic Living and Dead Test Nr.10: Steward James' A Chinaman's Chance/ Steward James' Freedom of the Size Nr.11: Lambie's Simplex Many Use Card Gimmik/ Lambie's Amazing Card and Ribbon Penetration/ Prof. Butler's Brain-Wave Razor Blades Nr.12: Scarne's Think-a-Card Nr.13: U. F. Grant's Blue Ribbon Combo Nr.14: Ken Allen's Pull Thru' Nr. 15: Eldon Nichol's Ribbon Miracle

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