An eye-popping routine from start to finish. The deck does all the work yet everything is examinable!

Spectator names a card only to find it has a different back from all others in the deck. Another spectator names a different card, but wait a minute! The deck has changed color and the second thought-of card also has an odd colored back!

Before your spectators can recover, the faces of the cards change from all red cards to all blacks to completely normal again.

Your spectators begin to question their sanity but there’s still more! For the stunning climax, cut the cards into two face-up piles and spread. One half now contains all red cards with one black selection while the all black half contains the red selection. But, that is not all. When you turn the halves face down, one half has all red backs and the other has all blue. Take a second look: the selections’ backs are of the opposite color.

Comes complete with photo-illustrated instructions and a very special Poker Bicycle deck.

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