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Weapons on the Card Shark 2

Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden!Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden! **

by Jeff Wessmiller, engl. DVD, 95 Minuten

This video is for entertainment purposes only. Neither Jeff Wessmiller nor Expert Magic can be held liable for any actions viewers may attempt with the information provided. Jeff Wessmiller and Expert magic do not encourage or endorse cheating by use of these or any other methods. Cheating is immoral, illegal and has serious consequences. If you attempt these moves in real game scenarios, you could get injured or even lose your life. Be safe, be smart, and do not cheat at cards...

False Shuffles: Push Through Variation, Pull Through.
False Cuts: Tap Cut, Gamblers Running Cut, Classic Pass False Cut.
Glimpses: One/Two Card Drop, Deal Glimpse.
Cold Culling: MacDougall Cull, Molinari Cull.
Controls: Top Stock Stevens Control, Erdnase Bottom Stock Control.
Bridges: Erdnase Bridge, Top Card bridge.
Passes: Erdnase One Handed Shift, Deep Palm Pass.
Chopping Cards Out: Table Palm, Table Riffle Palm.
Mucks: Lousiana Switch, Lousiana Switch in the air, Pick up muck, Switch One Muck.
False Deals: Erdnase Bottom Deal, Greek Deal, Erdnase Style Greek Deal.
Cold Stacking: One Shuffle Quad Stack, Face up overhand Stack, In the hands Riffle Stacking.
Cold Decking: One Handed Deck Switch, One Handed Deck Switch w/Hat, Deep Palm Cold Deck Switch, Cold Deck Switch with a partner.