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Easy To Master Money Miracles, Vol. 3

Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden!Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden! **

Zauberei mit Geld. Sprache: Englisch. Laufzeit: 75 Minuten.

Aus der englischen Beschreibung: "A rich collection of poerful money magic - both new and classic- The very best of the practical yet astonishing routines you can carry in your pocket or wallet. World Champion Magician Michael Ammar performs and teaches the most amazing collection of magic featuring bills and coins ever on video. Any time, any place magic with the inherent appeal of money. Just imagine astounding people with pocket change and common currency! On-location performances, Michael's Super Practice Sessions, classical music and all the advantages of video make mastering these miracles easier than ever! VOLUME 3: - Coins Thrun Silk (Michael Ammar) - Dining on Dollars (Rick Johnsson) - Flying Eagles (Eddie Fetcher) - $5 and $1 (Tom Odgen) - Coin from Pen Cap (David Williamson) - Chocolate Coin (Paul Harris) - E-Z Money (Patrick Page & Fred Kaps) - The 10,000 Grains of Salt BONUS EFFECT: Bill to Nut (Michael Ammar) PLUS: The Bill to Impossible Location

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