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Bottle Thru Body Illusion

Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden!Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden! **

©2003 Tony Clark, engl. DVD inclusive zweier Gimmicks (grün u. braun)

Englischsprachige Produktankündigung:

Amazing and Impromptu!
Just imagine wrapping a piece of paper around any size brown, green or clear bottle and magically penetrate it through someones body! Tony has taken the classic bottle thru table and created a "strolling" close-up illusion that will leave them shocked! The audience actually sees the top of the bottle sticking out of the paper as it is going through the body. With the DVD you will receive 3 quality gimmicks. Also included in the instructional DVD you will learn two versions of the bottle thru body as well as an improved version of the bottle thru table. A very powerful effect that they will long remember!

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