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Hayashi at the Magic Circle and Around The World

Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden!Nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden! **

Sprachen: Englisch, Deutsch (bei Hayashis Auftritt in Österreich), Italienisch und Französich. Laufzeit: ca. 60 Minuten.

A Collection of Live Performences - Aus der englischen Beschreibung: On Monday September 27, 2004, Hayashi gave a 30-minute performance in the legendary Devant Room at the prestigious Magic Circle in London, England. In this live recording of that show, you will see the reactions of some Britain's greatest magicians as Hayashi performs both his competition card act (from the MacMillan International Magic Competition 2003) and his competition close-up act, The Matrix (from the MacMillan International Magic Competition 2004) back to back! Enjoy a display of what many experts consider to be world-class card and coin magic by a young master magician. Hayashi is the first performer in the history of magic to win 5 European National Titles (the Swiss, Austian, Italian, French and German National Championships) as well as the coveted MacMillan International Magic Competition in London. Bonus Material: Hayashi's performances of his competition card act in: Villach, Austria, at the 2003 Austrian National Championships, AUF DEUTSCH! St. Etienne, France, at the 2004 French National Championships, EN FRANCAIS! Abano Terme, Italy, at the 2004 Italian National Championship, IN ITALIANO!